age group athlete


Super League Triathlon is upping the ‘age group athlete’ ante in Penticton. A pro race feel,  but far from an elite or pro only race environment.


Age Group Focus

Triathletes of all abilities will love the pro feel of Super League Triathlon. It is a brand that’s flexed its muscles to ensure an athlete-oriented focus that extends from the fastest of the pro field all the way through to the most recreationally intentioned age grouper. Your race time and your goals are your own; but whatever they are you can rest assured that you’ll be treated like a pro throughout race weekend.


Get the Pro Look

Want to get that pro look? You’re in luck. We’ll have some stunning pro looking race suits available for purchase in both one piece and two piece designs, with an additional high cut female suit for age group ladies looking to wear the same cut as their pro counterparts. We listened to the ladies out there who asked for colorway options that differed from the Super League Triathlon red and black. Watch out for details on those suits and colours coming soon.


Beginner Friendly

Sometimes the length of the individual disciplines can be a barrier to entry. With Super League Triathlon the race weekend is broken into bite-sized pieces.

If you only want to commit to one day, that’s an option, take your pic. Two days? Again, pick your days and get racing. Want to tackle the full weekend? Go for it.

Even Sunday’s Enduro race, totaling similar distances to a traditional Olympic Distance race, is broken down into smaller chunks, effectively making two back to back sprint races. If a 1500m swim isn’t your thing, maybe 2 x 750m separated swims will be more palatable.

If you are unsure what races might be suitable feel free to contact us for more information. Friendly, fun, fulfilling … get training and welcome to Super League Triathlon.


Bring on the Weekend

We’re really looking forward to hosting a multitude of age group athletes, all experiencing North America’s very first Super League Triathlon. It’s going to be a simply amazing weekend.

Ready to Enter?

If you have any queries, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to CONTACT us.