area 27 race circuit


Area 27

We are super excited to announce an absolutely stunning venue for the Friday Bike Time Trial. Adding yet more excitement to Super League Triathlon Penticton is the addition of Area 27, which will see athletes race around the beautifully paved motorsport track located just south of Penticton in Olver, BC.

No traffic, no traffic control, just you, your bike and the amazing experience of 3 laps around a wonderfully designed race circuit.


area 27 map


What is Area 27?

Area 27 is a 16 turn closed circuit race track built for luxury car enthusiasts.


Where is Area 27?

Area 27 is located approximately 30 mins south from Penticton. Located just east of Oliver in the Inkaneep area. Please see the MAP below. The address is: Area 27 Motorsport Park, Nk’Mip Rd, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0


How will I get there?

We hope most athletes will find their own transportation to and from Area 27, we will offer limited shuttle services with a fee for those athletes who have absolutely no other option.



There is ample parking on site at Area 27


How long is the track?

The tack is 4.83 kilometers long, athletes will be racing a total of three laps for a total race length of 14.49 Kilometers.


How wide is the track?

The track is 40 ft. wide which will be divided into three lanes. An average car lane on a road is 9.5-10ft.


Is there an elevation?

Yes. Each lap has 109 meters (357 ft.) elevation change per lap.


How does this work?

Athletes will be sent off one at a time and will circle the course three times, each lap a cone line will push you towards the inside of the track. The finish will be located near the end of lap three and you will then walk your bike back to the paddock.


What time does the race start?

The Age Groupers will go first at 5:00 pm with the Pro’s starting at 7:15 pm


Isn’t that a short turnaround for the Saturday race?

We realize this is a short turnaround but also acknowledge what a unique opportunity this is to race on a closed course time trial only 30 minutes from Penticton. The time trial will take an average of 30 – 40 mins which leaves plenty of time to get back to Penticton and prepare for Saturdays race. Athletes racing on Saturday will be seeded first on the Friday evening.

Ready to Enter?

If you have any queries, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to CONTACT us.