bike guidelines


Super League Triathlon is a new and exciting format, one that comes with a slightly different set of regulations to the traditional swim, bike and run that you may be used to. Some may have also experienced draft-legal racing, as several Sprint Distance events started to introduce draft-legal races last year.

Super League Triathlon Penticton will have a slight mix of draft-legal and non-drafting racing.


Friday TT Event

The Friday event is NOT draft legal. This is a time trial style ride of approximately 20km and, due to the non-drafting nature, you will be allowed to ride a TT / Triathlon style bike. If you prefer then you can also use a standard road bike. The choice is yours.

Non ‘standard’ bikes such as Dimond and Ventum are also allowed for Friday’s event. Disc brakes are also allowed.


Saturday and Sunday Events

Saturday and Sunday’s events contain a bike portion that IS draft legal. You are allowed to draft, ride in packs etc. Due to the closer style of riding an added element of safety needs to be introduced so NO triathlon or TT bikes will be allowed. No clip-on bars. No disc wheels. Traditional drop style bars with bar ends that are plugged. Please see the diagram below for guidelines on what is considered an acceptable bike for Saturday and Sunday’s event.


In Summary

Cutting the details out we can boil the guideline down to this.

  • You can ride a TT or Triathlon or a Road Bike on Friday. Your choice.
  • You can only ride a Road Bike on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Disc brakes allowed on all days.

Some of you may wish to bring a TT bike and a road bike, to ‘maximize your aero’ on Friday and still be draft legal on Saturday and Sunday. Others might simply go for the convenience of ‘one bike for everything’ and just bring a road bike. 

We hope that helps clarify the bike situation. If you have any questions please feel free to CONTACT us.



For Saturday and Sunday only, your bike needs to adopt the format shown in this image.