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Following on from the hugely successful?Great White North Virtual Triathlon we are excited to introduce the?Super League Triathlon Canada Virtual Triathlon. A unique way to complete a triathlon, in your own time. Make it a race, or simply a strong training day, just make sure you take part as there are some great prizes on offer.

The?Super League Triathlon Canada Virtual Triathlon is open to everyone. Get a bunch of friends together, or forward it to your tri group or club. March 17th, St Patricks Day Showdown. Stick it in your diary!

If you have questions, just ask. There is also a Virtual Triathlon FAQ section below.



How do I register for the event?

There is no registration, everyone is welcome. The point of the events is to have some fun in the colder months and see where your fitness is.

Do I have to be registered for the 2018 Super League Triathlon to compete?

No, we would like to know why you aren?t registered yet though?

What are the distances?

Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km.

What is the date of the event?

The event date is March 17th, 2018?All Day.

It?s cold out, how do I do this?

Well that?s the point, you can do it anywhere. Swim in a pool, ride your trainer, run on a treadmill or you can ride your fat bike, run outside any combination that gets you moving. Just make sure you complete all three events over a 12-hour period.

Can I take a nap in between disciplines?

Of course, but we think lunch with friends a movie or maybe a few episodes of Game of Thrones is a better use of your time.

How do we win prizes?

We want lots of social engagement, take pictures and videos and post them on our Facebook page ( )?think outrageous. Get your club or group of friends together and dress up and do it as a group. Want to race fast? That works too, post your time to our Facebook page with some pictures and we will be giving out prizes for fastest male and female too. Extra points for anyone who swims outdoors.
I hate Facebook, how do I get you my pictures and time?
Easy, email us at and we will post them on your behalf.

When will prizes be awarded?

We will give one week for people to get their videos and picture up on the Facebook page and then we will decide ASAP. Most likely by March 24th.

I think this is stupid.

We appreciate your feedback but isn?t triathlon stupid to begin with? Who swims then bikes and then runs? YOU DO!! And it?s awesome and stupid is awesome!! Quit being negative and race just for the enjoyment of racing with some friends and have a great winter day!!


If you have any queries, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.