Swim – Bike – Run  |   New for 2019.

The Kid’s Triathlon provides an opportunity for younger athletes to step up and toe the line at a premium triathlon event.




Swim – Bike – Run  |   New for 2019.

The Kid’s Triathlon provides an opportunity for younger athletes to step up and toe the line at a premium triathlon event.

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Athlete Guide

We are in the processing of creating the Athlete Guide. When it’s ready, come back and hit the button below. It will be packed with all the information you need to make your race weekend run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  We get a ton of questions from athletes, covering all aspects of the race from on-course nutrition to what’s happening when. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions for you below.

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FAQ What is Super League Triathlon? Pitting the world’s best triathletes across unique short course formats for big prize money in a closed league series, Super League Triathlon provides pulse-pounding action, superstars to root for, and a spectator experience without parallel. Super League Triathlon catapults triathlon into the hearts, minds, and living rooms of triathlon and sports fans worldwide. By offering incredible TV and digital content output with live race day television broadcasts, live race day digital streaming and Video on Demand content, we’ll be showcasing our Championship athletes and the sport of triathlon like never before. Super League Triathlon features action-packed racing formats in dramatic locations and fan-friendly courses across Asia- Pacific Canada, United Kingdom and the Gulf. We’re committed to setting the gold standard experience for age groupers, male and female professional athletes, and fans alike. Super League Triathlon was co-founded by two-time Ironman and two-time ITU World Champion Chris McCormack, and Michael D’Hulst and Leonid Boguslavsky, three successful businessmen and passionate triathletes brought together by a common desire to break new ground in the sport of triathlon. For more information on Super League Triathlon, head to What are the races in Penticton? The Off Road Triathlon is a race that consists of a 1km swim, 30km mountain bike and 8km trail run. The Kid’s / Youth Triathlon is for kids of all abilities, different distances for all the kids depending on age. ALL KID’S WELCOME!! The Super League Age Group race will be held over two (2) days as two (2) events. The first event is the Equalizer which is a two (2) stage event, The first part of race #1 is a Swim (300m), Run (2.0km), Swim (300m), Bike (16km), Run (2.0km) on Friday morning August 23rd. Stage #2 is a stand alone time trial (think tour de France) that will be 15km on Friday August 23rd in the evening with the first racers going off at 5:00 pm. Your two times from the two (2) events equal your race #1 finishing time. The second event is the Standard Enduro which is Swim (750m), Bike (20km), Run (5km), Swim (750m) Bike (20km), Run (5km) will take place on Saturday August 24th. The Half Distance race will be back on the traditional Half course on Sunday August 25th 2019. Swim 1.9k, bike 90k and run 21.2k. Is this only for Pro’s? No, Age Groupers will race first on the Friday and Saturday in the mornings followed by the pro race in the afternoon. I don’t want to do all three (3) races, can I cherry pick only the races I want to do? Yes, but we encourage athletes to race all three races to get the whole Super League Triathlon experience. There are also deep discounts for athletes buying the “weekend” package over singular races. Only athletes racing all events will be eligible for age group awards. What do I get with my entry? Athletes will receive a swag bag with various items TBD Post race food A safe secured race course A triathlon experience never achieved before Race number and stickers Finisher garment Finisher medal I’m a pro and want to qualify for the Super League Triathlon Championship series in Penticton, how? Please fill out the pro information sheet on under the pro tab on the website. Where in Penticton will I find the festival? Different events will take place throughout Penticton. The central locations for the events will be the Athlete Village/ Expo Area in Gyro Park, the Awards and Celebrations in Gyro Park and Transition in Rotary Park, all located between Front St and Winnipeg St on Lakeshore Drive. The finish line and grandstands will will be located on Lakeshore Drive next to Gyro Park. The Lakeside Resort is the host hotel for the event. When will the roads be closed? What roads will be closed? Road closure and traffic interruption information coming soon. Please check back on our website soon. What else is happening during race weekend? We are currently planning the festival and Endurance Conference around the race, please check back for more detailed information For the various functions, will wristbands grant athletes access? Wristbands will be required for access to transition, race course and VIP services. Only current race wristbands can access transition, courses and VIP services. No other functions will require a wristband. What are the Kids Events? To keep with tradition, we will be offering a family fun run on Thursday August 22nd 2019 at 5:00 pm. The Kid’s Triathlon takes place on Thursday August 22nd at 11:00 am Will there be an Expo in the Athlete Village? Yes, there will be an Expo located in the Athlete Village open from 10am to 4pm, Thursday August 22nd and Saturday August 24th. Where can I do my swim training? Unfortunately, the Penticton Community Centre Pool is closed for maintenance during August. There will be no pool availability. There are marked swimming areas at both Skaha Lake Beach and Okanagan Lake Beach. Athletes are advised that these beaches do not have lifeguards on duty. Athletes swim at their own risks outside of race times What are the bike shops in the area? The local bike shops in Penticton include: Freedom Bike Shop 533 Main Street Penticton BC (250)-493-0686 Bike Barn 300 Westminster Ave. W. Penticton BC (250)-492-4140 Velofix will be onsite in the athlete expo daily. Are there running tracks in Penticton? Penticton has a 400 metre outdoor track located at Penticton Secondary School, 158 Eckhardt Ave. E. The track is about 1.5km south of the Lakeside Resort. Travel, Transportation and Accommodations Do I need a VISA to travel to Canada? Some countries require a visitor visa to travel to Canada. Alternatively you may be expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian visa.  Find out what you need at or apply online at Be sure to apply with lots of time for processing. Visit to check application processing times. To request a letter of invitation please contact How do I get to Penticton? Penticton, BC, Canada is found in the Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Penticton can be reached easily by car or airplane. Flying: -Into Penticton Regional Airport: Flights from Vancouver (55 minutes) and Calgary (1 hour) daily. -Into Kelowna International Airport: Flights from various locations. Kelowna is located 1.25 hours (driving) North of Penticton on Highway 97. -Into Vancouver International Airport: Flights from various locations. Vancouver is located 5 hours (driving) West of Penticton. Driving: Penticton is located 5 hours away from Vancouver, BC, 5.5 hours away from Seattle, WA, and 8 hours away from Calgary AB. -From Seattle, USA: Drive North on Highway 97 -From Vancouver: Drive East on Highway 3 or 3A, or take the Coquihalla (Highway 5) and Highway 97C. -From Calgary and Edmonton: Drive West on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada). What time zone is Penticton? Pacific Standard Time (PST). Can I rent a car in Penticton? A few of Penticton’s car rental businesses include: Where can I stay? The Penticton Lakeside will be the official race hotel. Visit We are also offering Homestays for pros through local families. Please fill out the form under the accommodations tab. For more accommodation options please visit one of the following websites: About Penticton What is the expected air temperature in August? During August Penticton tends to be hot and dry. Based on historical averages, August has an average temperature of 20.4°C (68.7°F), an average high temperature of 28°C (82.4°F), an average low of 12.7°C (54.9°F) and an average of 28.3 mm (1.1 in) of precipitation. The average wind speed for August is 8.5 km/h (5.3mph). During the daytime Penticton has a mean relative humidity of 37% (dry) in August. In 2016 the temperatures reached a high of 31.7°C (89.06 °F) during race week. What is the air quality like in August? Penticton generally has excellent air quality with little pollution. However, during the summer forest fires can be cause for Smoky Skies Advisories. We have secured athlete cancellation insurance that will give all athletes a full refund in the case of a cancellation. What is the expected water temperature in August? The average water temperature ranges from 19-23°C (69-71°F) in Lake Okanagan during August. What is Penticton’s elevation? Penticton has an elevation of 385 meters (1263 ft.). Wildlife, Wildfires and Plant Life in Penticton area. Wildfires: The Okanagan Valley can be known for wildfires and the Festival is in the height of wildfire season. Please be fire smart. Do Not Panic. Our staff and volunteers are very well trained to keep athletes safe, however it is good to be aware that if you are in a treed area and find yourself in a situation that you need to get away from a forest fire – move downhill.  Fire travels uphill.  Please make way for emergency vehicles at all times!! If an official in a BC Wildfire uniform orders you out of the area, please abide immediately. If you are camping, there may be a fire ban restricting you from having open flames, campfires or outdoor candles. Please check current Fire Bans at If there is no campfire ban in effect, please consider these fire safety tips: Choose a safe area with no flammable materials and a proper fireplace or a ring of rocks to light your campfire. Do not have a campfire when it is windy. Never leave a campfire unattended. Keep a bucket of at least 8 litres of water nearby the fire at all times. Completely extinguish your campfire before leaving the area. There should be no embers and the coals should be cold to the touch. Report wildfires and columns of smoke to 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from a cell phone. Wildlife: The Okanagan Valley is an area surrounded by forests, lakes, deserts and mountains. These sorts of terrain provide habitats to many wild animals. Please be aware of the possibility of wildlife encounters. Bears in the area have learned to live in close proximity to humans but can still be dangerous. To avoid a bear encounter, make lots of noise and keep food in sealed containers. If you should come into contact with a bear stay calm, raise your arms to make yourself appear larger and back away slowly. Please also be aware of coyotes, poisonous rattlesnakes and the possibility of cougars. To avoid issues with coyotes, keep pets and children close. Rattlesnakes are attracted to hot surfaces such as large rocks in the sun and pavement. The likeliness of a cougar encounter is lower however be alert and avoid using trails at night or alone. DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE! Plant life: Watch out for poison ivy and miniature cacti if you are running or biking on off-road terrain. Race Entry/Registration How do I enter the race? Early Bird Age group mass participation registration will be open on September 15th at 8:00 am PST through the website “register” tab. Can I enter multiple events? Yes! The most economical race package is the “weekend” package that allows you full access to all events and festival aspects. You can register for as many events as you like including the Off Road and Half Distance. You can choose single day events but you will unfortunately not be eligible for awards. Are there age group awards? Yes. Overall age group awards will be given only to athletes competing in all three (3) days events. 19-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65+ There will be no awards for individual day winners. Do I need race day insurance? Race Day insurance was the $10 fee all athletes paid at the point of online registration. Race Day insurance is race course/Field of Play ONLY. Anything that happens off the course is not covered. Please ensure you also have travel/medical insurance. I can’t race, can I get a refund? There will be no refunds for any race. You can defer your entry until 2020 as long as you do so by May 31st 2019. Pre-Race Where and when is Package Pick-up for each race? Package pick-up will take place in the Lakeside Resort, Thursday – Saturday from 12-4. What will you receive in your race package at Package Pick-up? Race number Adhesive kit Wrist Band Swim Cap Race Tattoos Will timing chips be included in race packages? Timing chip allocation will be determined closer to race day. Can someone else pick up my race package for me? No, only registered athletes are allowed to pick up packages at the designated time. You must bring your photo ID. Course Where can I see the course? Tentative Course Maps will be released in January ending approvals Do you have Aid Stations? Yes, but the number of aid stations and what food and beverages are available at each aid station is unique to each race. What sort of nutrition and beverages will be available at aid stations? TBD Will beverages be in cups or bottles? Cups will be used at all aid stations on the run and bottles on the bike. Where can athletes dispose of trash? Athletes are ONLY allowed to dispose of cups, wrappers, etc., at the aid stations according to the rules. Transition Are bike Trainers allowed in transition if removed before the start of the race? No bike trainers will be allowed in transition. Are bike pumps allowed in transition? You may use your own pump only if it is removed from transition prior to the race start. Pumps will not be accepted in the Morning Clothes/Gear drop off area in Gyro Park. Will bike racks be numbered? Yes, bike racks will be numbered. Are the age groups racked together in transition? Yes, all age group athletes will be racked together in transition. Start/Swim/Run 1 What time does transition open for each respective race morning? 60 minutes before the first wave start Does transition close prior to the first wave start? No but please be respectful of other athletes What will the check-in procedures be for race morning? Athletes will check-in at the transition area in Rotary Park and then walk to start line. Can I remove my bike from transition on race morning? Can I do a bike warm-up before my event? No. Bikes will not be allowed out of transition until the bike leg of the race begins. Will there be a bag drop for morning clothes/gear? Yes, there will be a Morning Clothes/Gear drop off in Rotary Park. All athletes will receive stickers with their race number to label their Morning Clothes bag. ATHLETES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE BACKPACKS, BINS OR TRANSITION BAGS IN TRANSITION. This means that everything you bring on race morning that you do not need for your race MUST be taken to the Morning Clothes/Gear drop off area in Rotary Park. It is the athlete’s responsibility to make sure these bags are labelled with your own race number sticker (provided in race package). How do we organize or race equipment race morning? All athletes will have a bin placed in front of their transition space. All equipment must go in and out of this bin and not be placed outside or on the ground near the bin. What will the position of the sun be during the swim? (to gauge sun glare and type of goggles to use) If you begin your race in the morning the sun will be on your right side as you head north, directly in front of you as you swim east and to your left as you swim south back to shore. Tinted goggles are recommended. What material are the swim caps? The swim caps will be latex with athlete numbers pre-printed on them. Athletes are invited to wear their own silicone caps underneath official latex race swim caps. Will there be extra swim caps at the start if one tears? Yes, there will be extra swim caps in the change tents in the Okanagan Lake Park Transition Area and in the pre-swim corral area in Rotary Park. Is the start a beach start or a deep water start? All swim starts will be beach starts. How wide is the start area? The start area is on Okanagan Beach behind the Peach and spans the length of the beach Will the start be signaled by an air horn or start gun? The race start will be signaled by horn What colour will the turn buoys be? The turn buoys will be yellow What side should the buoys be on relative to the athletes? The buoys should always be on the athlete’s right side. What type of water is to be expected (choppy, calm, fast current, etc.)? The water conditions really depend on the weather. Athletes should be prepared to swim in a variety of conditions. On a perfectly calm day the lake is flat and still, however it is not uncommon for the wind to pick up and cause for choppy water. What is the swim exit like? The swim exit will consist of a gradual slope covered by mats. Fencing will be in place to create a chute leading to transition How far is the swim exit from the transition area? The swim exit is located directly in front of Rotary Park Transition area. Bike Do BIB numbers need to be worn during the bike? No, Bib numbers only need to be worn on the run for the Off Road and Half Distance. Will there be bike mount and bike dismount lines? Yes, athletes will be required to walk/run their bike to the bike mount/dismount line. How many lanes of road will be open to cyclists for each race? The number of lanes open to cyclists varies per race, but there will be at least one vehicle lane (sometimes more) available to cyclists at all times in all races. For athletes who crash or flat and are unable to finish the race, will there be crews to pick-up their bikes? Yes, there will be SAG (support and gear) vehicles. Run What are the road surfaces for the run courses? The road surface is pavement and gravel/ single track for the Off Road. Post-Race Is there a bike check-out time after the event? All bike must be checked out of transition daily no later than 15 minutes after the last finisher. Where is the lost and found? The lost and found will be located at the Info Booth in the Athlete’s Village/Finish area. After race day contact for lost and found. All unclaimed lost items will be donated after 30 days. Rules What are the age groups? Age groups will be divided in 5-year increments. 18-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70+ What age group will I race in? Age Group athletes will race in their Age Group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31st, 2017. Athletes aged 16 to 19 years old are eligible to compete in the Junior category. Athletes aged 18 to 23 years old are eligible to compete in the U23 category. Can I wear my wetsuit? Due to the nature of the event wetsuits are not recommended and you will need to take off your wetsuit and put it back on again later in the race. What type of bike can I use? UCI road race rules for draft-legal triathlon races; UCI time trial rules for draft-illegal triathlon races Do athletes need to finish the event with their BIB number worn on the front of their body? Yes. Are there Relays? There is a team relay division for all events. Each team member will do one portion of the race weekend or split up the daily races. Spectators Where can I park my car? Parking will be available at the Penticton Secondary School parking lot at 158 Eckhardt Avenue E. however space will be limited. There will also be limited parking available at the Penticton Trade & Convention Centre parking lot at 273 Power Street. Please be familiar with the race routes as some roads will be closed on race day. Do NOT park on the course or you will be towed. We highly encourage athletes to walk or be dropped off near transition on race mornings.  Otherwise expect to park and walk. Where can my friends and family watch me? The Athlete village, Transition and Gyro Park are central and ideal viewing areas for all of the race events. Located along Lakeshore Drive near the end of Main Street. Can my friends go out on the course to cheer me on? No, the racecourse is closed to spectator traffic. But there are many roads that can take you to junctions to cheer on your athlete. Many of the best spectator locations are right in the downtown area along Lakeshore Drive. Can my friends and family finish with me? Due to the size of the event we can not permit this at this time. Can I go into the medical tent to find my athlete? The Medical Tent is highly congested and spectators will not be allowed in. The athlete’s Emergency Contact will be notified.



There are plenty of accommodation options in tourism friendly Penticton. From camping to luxury, there is something for everyone.

Check out the stunning new West Wing the Penticton Lakeside Resort, the official hotel of Super League Triathlon Penticton. The hotel has a total of 273 rooms with city, park, and lake views each with their own balcony. Call 1-800-663-9400 and quote Super League Triathlon to book.


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