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Are you racing in Super League Penticton? We’ve heard some truly engaging and inspiring stories from our Super League family in the events at Hamilton Island, Australia and Jersey, Channel Islands. Super League is more than the final race and the podium results. The journey to the event is, in fact, the most interesting and empowering aspect of the competition.


This year, we want to hear your personal story blood, sweat and tears. The hard work and sacrifices made by our participants are what drives us all to make Super League the best competition on Earth. We want you to tell us your experience and be part of your journey on the ROAD TO SUPER LEAGUE. Please share your story by sending your video.The top fan-favorites will be granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access to all things Super League Penticton. Not only will their journey be shared on ALL Super League social media channels, but they will also receive free swag and more perks. Want to find out more? Read on.


Register for Super League Penticton and send us a video telling Super League fans your story. All entries must be less than a minute long and be submitted no later than January 22nd to
On the 23rd of January, the best videos will be uploaded to and our fans will vote via number of views.
Finally, on February 12th, the top-viewed videos will be selected as the ROAD TO SUPER LEAGUE fan faves.


Don’t miss an opportunity to share your story with our fans and make some fans of your own!

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